Data Analytics Academy

Data Analytics Academy

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New world, new skills

Data literacy is essential to how we conduct business and deliver value. Information generated from the data is the ultimate asset in modern organizations. Employees need to understand data and communicate insights effectively.

The ability to ‘understand and speak data’ has become foundational in most day-to-day jobs. Preparing our people for the ‘future of work’ means - no one gets left behind. Unfortunately, over 80% of CEOs worldwide face an analytical skills shortage that cripples operational efficiency, impede innovation, and result in ever-increasing costs.

PwC is committed to digital upskilling, for ourselves and our clients. Therefore, we have developed the Data Analytics Academy - driving the adoption of new tools and work methods, cultivating a change in mindset and embedding a culture of innovation.


Ilse Venter

Meaningful transformation starts with our people. Our ability to remain successful in a digital era will not depend on the skill level of our most advanced employees. It will depend on our ability to cultivate an inspired, innovative and data literate majority.

Ilse Venter, PwC Global Tax Data Analytics Academy Lead

Data Analytics Academy - What is it & who is it for?

The Data Analytics Academy is a comprehensive, multi-phase upskilling and digital transformation journey.

The program raises the data literacy of your business professionals. It empowers them to solve business problems with market-leading data analytics and business intelligence tools such as Alteryx, Knime, Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik. It is best suited for all business, finance, or operational staff with "Excel heavy" roles and who have strong domain knowledge but lack data analytics and automation skills.

Your workforce will be empowered to:


Identify risks & opportunities in data.


Corral data into valuable and actionable intelligence.


Identify automation and analytics use cases to transform your organization.


Surface targeted insights and design custom analytic and automation solutions.

Phase 1 - Data Analytics Online Academy

The Online Academy serves as an entry-point to your organization's Data Analytics upskilling journey. The self-paced, modular e-Learn guarantees the utmost flexibility for your learners. It combines theoretical and practical components to increase data analytics, visualization, and automation skills - inspiring technology-enabled innovation.

cast_connectedInteractive, hands-on online learning – at your pace


You will solve real-world business problems using market-leading data analytics techniques and tools in an interactive environment – supplemented by challenging quizzes & exercises.

av_timerApproximately 14 hours completion time


Data basics, hands-on training, storytelling best practices, challenges, quizzes and inspiring showcases.

autorenewEmbed grassroots analytical and visualization capabilities


Data literacy empowers us to make informed decisions - turning overwhelming amounts of data into consumable and actionable insights. Data analytics, visualization, and automation capabilities inspire learners to transform and optimize everyday tasks.

Phase 2 - Data Analytics Innovation Academy

Online Academy graduates continue their data analytics upskilling journey - putting theory into business-related practice, cultivating citizen-led innovation.

business_centerFocus on concrete business outcomes


Identify and develop custom business solutions during a multi-week development sprint - supported by PwC experts.

device_hubEmbed sustainable skills and solutions


Implement bespoke analytics and automation solutions to transform processes or create new offerings.

transformDriving citizen-led transformation


Citizen designed and created solutions solve known business problems and generate employee engagement - transformation from within the core of your organization.

PwC’s own authentic, internal digital upskilling program – tried and tested – now available to clients


90,000+ Online Academy participants.


94% recommended the Online Academy to their colleagues.


98% believed the Academy contributed to their data literacy.


See below how PwC graduates applied their new skills in business.


View selected PwC Data Analytics and Automation Use Cases


Download a flyer for a comprehensive overview.



Data Analytics Innovation Academy
Price per participant
20+ participants€ 500
50+€ 325


Post Academy Sprint & Showcase
Price per participant
20+ participants€ 250
50+€ 200


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