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Real-time Brand Valuation

Assessing your brand popularity

Know straight away how consumers perceive your brand

The value of a brand has a direct impact on a company’s commercial success. A strong brand generates trust from the customer and sets the company apart from its competition. However, how can a brand’s value be captured in monetary terms – preferably in real time – and the marketing adapted accordingly? 

To do this, PwC has created a new digital solution that allows a direct connection between the perception of a brand among consumers and the monetary brand valuation.

More than 150 million real-time data sources determine your brand value


Real-time Brand Valuation uses PwC's Digital Intelligence Services to capture both customers’ opinions about a brand and market sentiment by using a multitude of digital channels with more than 150 million data sources. Real-time Brand Valuation is therefore the first global tool to allow the measurement of brand values in real time.

Our solution allows a decisive connection to be established between brand awareness and monetary brand valuations in real time. Thanks to its innovative methodology, PwC can measure key indicators such as brand recognition, strength of brand image and brand relevance and integrate these directly into its proven financial model.


Real-time Brand Valuation infographic

Features and benefits

Gain control of your brand and manage your added value.

show_chartTracking brand value

Track your monetary brand value in real time.

multiline_chartMeasuring marketing success

Analyze the effectiveness of your brand strategy and marketing initiatives.

compareComparing industries

Establish your position compared with your competitors.


touch_appData-driven management

Support your management decisions with valid data.

warningAnticipate potential threats

Identify potential company crises at an early stage.

publicInternational scope

Recognize the value of your country-specific brand perception.

We want to directly measure the effect of our investments on the market value and our customers’ opinion of our brand. This is now possible using Real-time Brand Valuation.

European automotive manufacturer, PwC client

Our approach at a glance

Real-time Brand Valuation combines public and social listening data from PwC Digital Intelligence Services with a finance-oriented brand valuation model. The new digital product calculates market-specific indicators and the corresponding monetary impact on the value.



Defining the Brand Metrics

  • Calculation of brand-specific indicators for any time and place (brand awareness, image strengths, brand relevance)
  • Deduction of a Real-time Brand Index
  • Evaluation and comparison of customer opinions, competitors and industry trends in real time based on 150+ million public and social media sources
  • Visualization of marketing campaigns and integration with numerous different data sources 
  • Saving on cost and time by dispensing with panel studies



Performing the Brand Valuation

  • Brand valuation in real time: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Analysis of brand value growth over time
  • Development of a Real-time Brand Index
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of market strategies and marketing measures and calculation of their contribution to the brand value
  • Measurement of the influence of brand investments on the brand value
  • Isolated analysis of the factors that influence the brand value and deduction of the value contributions 
  • Region- and country-specific brand valuations
  • Brand valuations for corporate and product brands


Real-time Brand Valuation
€ 20,000MVP Prototype
  • Examination of the brand-KPIs in comparison to the competition
  • 1 Brand, 2 valuation measurements
  • In two 2-week sprints you get first insights into your brand value development

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