Check Your Nature Strategy

Nature conservation as a part of the Net Zero Strategy

Check your commitment to climate and nature conservation projects as part of our sustainability consulting services

More and more companies are complementing the transformation of their value chain towards Net Zero with additional commitments to climate and nature protection. In the unregulated, voluntary carbon market, companies face growing reputational risks when it comes to financially supporting climate and nature conservation projects.


Structured interviews

Through the use of interviews, we collect relevant data to conduct a gap analysis and derive alternative courses of action

Identification of measures

On this basis, we can work with you to identify and implement appropriate measures to achieve the desired goals.

Resource-saving overview

Check Your Nature Strategy gives you a quick and resource-efficient overview of your current nature conservation strategy and the projects supported within this framework.

The most important components of our sustainability consulting

Check Your Nature Strategy offers standardised sustainability advice. Based on the current climate and nature strategy, companies can define measures in terms of Beyond Value Chain Mitigation to invest in much-needed conservation.



  • Conduct an informative workshop on the voluntary carbon market, climate certificates and the various influencing factors involved



  • Create an overview of the known requirements from different stakeholders
  • Overview of the current conservation strategy and supported climate projects



  • Joint development of the sustainability officer's objectives



  • Analysis of current activities in terms of Beyond Value Chain Mitigation to identify gaps between status quo and expectations
  • Recommendations for action to meet stakeholder requirements and internal objectives

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