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Avoid ostensible self-employment

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Precise assessment to avoid ostensible self-employment

With PwC's Quickcheck Freelancer*, we have developed a free and efficient tool that can be used to filter out critical contracts or work relationships – regardless of the number of freelancers or the size of your company.

Your benefits

Easy set-up

You can download the app free of charge from the Apple Store.

Risk identification

You can start the survey immediately. Within a few minutes you will gain important insights and receive a risk assessment.

Further support

Through our individual consultation based on the risk assessment, we check the status quo, handle inappropriately classified legal relationships retrospectively and develop processes that are as legally secure as possible and – if desired – also digitally supported.


Our expertise enables us to show you methods with which you can make the use of freelancers' services as legally secure, effective and efficient as possible.

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