Risk & Regulatory

Automated Risk Insights

Streamlined credit risk analyses

Assess financial performance in no time

At many banks and other institutions concerned with credit, financial performance of companies is analyzed manually via excel. This results in a time-consuming and error-prone assessment leading to an inefficient credit risk management. Consequently, employees spend too much time reviewing data and not enough leveraging the insights.



Reduction in time spent

Decrease in the time spent analyzing basic financials, freeing up time for more value-added work.


Consistency in analysis

Users can review clients using the same high-quality models and metrics.


Companies globally with data

Global coverage allows us to provide insights on your counterparties, regardless of who they are or where they are located.


Years of forecasted financials

Using advanced forecasting models, we forecast the individual line items per company – giving you the insights and potential to challenge your counterparty.

How does it work?

A user-friendly web-interface allows the user to access the relevant data via our SaaS solution.


Select a company

Select any company in the tool's database of 300 million companies and identify several peers for benchmarking.


Probability of Bankruptcy

Choose the available or add custom models to analyse the data.


Deep dive

Drill down to the deepest level of the underlying data and identify potential risks and opportunities.


Forecasts & Scenarios

Explore scenarios for the companies' future and analyse sensitivities to macroeconomics and company specific events.



Make your final decision based on the data-driven insights provided.

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