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Automated Risk Insights

Streamlined credit risk analyses

Assess financial performance in no time

At many banks and other institutions concerned with credit, financial performance of companies is analysed manually. This results in a time-consuming and error-prone assessment leading to an inefficient credit risk management. Consequently, employees spend too much time reviewing data and not enough leveraging the insights.

This problem is solved by PwC's tool Automated Risk Insights. The automated insights enable you to save time and gather observations much more frequently creating new opportunities. In addition, it increases the quality of your credit risk identification, measurement, management and reporting through the use of state-of-the-art statistical models. Moreover, Automated Risk Insights ensures consistency by supporting every analysis by the same metrics. 

The Benefits


State of the art statistical models allow rolling forward financials up to 3 years and analyse the risks present. Additionally, the use of trusted risk scores (e.g. Altman) and validated PwC models ensures a high quality and consistency of the data.

trending_upVisualization of data

The tool visualizes key performance and risk metrics to promote effectiveness but also provides details up to the individual line item.

fast_forwardIncreased frequency of insights

With an automated process to generate the risk insights, a lot of time is saved when analyses are performed. The decreased effort enables you to gather insights into the risks present much more frequently, allowing you to identify previously unknown risks.

attach_moneyIdentify opportunities

The tool enables you to see very easily which companies might be in need of different products, creating commercial opportunities. It also opens up opportunities to cross sell to current clients based on the more extensive insight into their financial situation.

The Workflow


Select any company in the tool's database of 300 million companies and identify a number of peers for benchmarking.


Choose the available or add custom models to analyse the data.


Take a closer look: Drill down to the deepest level of the underlying data and identify potential risks and opportunities.


Make your final decision based on the data-driven insights provided.


Explore scenarios for the companies' future and analyse sensitivities to macroeconomics and company specific events.


The price for the Package Deal is a starting price and increases with the number of companies.

Individual Analysis
€ 5,000one time
  • Individual financial risk analysis
  • Benchmarking against selected peer group
  • Individual results report

Step up your credit risk analysis game

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