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Ensure your compliance with new regulations

PwC's CITT Compare Tool is a web-based application supporting you in managing global tax information exchange requirements surrounding FATCA and CRS. It offers over 200 criteria across 100 countries to support all compliance needs you might have.

Three focus areas

In a field where the only constant is change, PwC’s CITT Compare Tool addresses three areas which clients find the most challenging to manage within their global operations:

infoVarious Sources of Information
Given the variety in sources of  primary information from the IRS, U.S. Treasury, OECD and local  regulatory authorities, clients are  looking for a repository of such information in order to centralize their searches. 
PwC’s CITT Compare Tool will  house active links to relevant primary documentation, including the U.S. regulations, Annexes  maintained by the OECD, EU Directives as well as local regulations and guidance. 
peopleDifferent Users with Varying Needs
As diverse as the operational units of financial institutions are, as diverse are their needs when it comes to coping with Customer & Investor Tax Transparency initiatives.
On the one hand, our solution provides standardized overviews and on the other individualized & storable searches - tailored towards your specific needs.
gavelFrequent Regulatory Changes

Managing these changes from various sources (IRS, OECD, EU and local authorities) has become a challenging and significant task.

Based on a 2-step alert process, CITT Compare Tool users will be made aware of all regulatory changes in an efficient manner.

CITT Compare Tool in 5 minutes

How am I informed about changing regulations in all those countries?

PwC provides regulatory alerts to the users of the CITT Compare Tool: you will be notified of any regulatory changes in any jurisdiction, i.e. the passage of local legislation, via a weekly e-mail and the CITT News Blog (which regularly feeds into PwC’s CITT Compare Tool).

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The subscription fee depends on the number of countries and the number of years covered. 

€ 2,500per country per year
  • one-year subscription
  • for 1 to 15 countries
€ 2,250per country per year
  • one-year subscription for 16 to 50 countries
  • multiple-year subscription for 1 to 15 countries
€ 2,000per country per year
  • one-year subscription for 50+countries
  • multiple-year subscription for 16 to 50 countries

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