Payments Regulatory Semi-Annual Report

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The challenges posed by new regulatory guidelines and standards in the financial industry

Due to market developments such as SEPA regulations, instant payments, request-to-pay, TIPS, Target 2 and PSD2, financial institutions and payment service providers will be confronted with a multitude of new payment regulations in the upcoming years. Because of complex legislative procedures and standardisations, the effects on the organisation, processes and IT of these companies are not immediately apparent. 

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The report takes a detailed look at European financial regulation from a non-legal perspective and examines the implications and changes that need to be made. 


The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) procedures have been changed this year. Further updates are on the way, especially to the Request-to-Pay scheme, which is to offer new and improved functions.


One important change is the merging of TARGET 2 and TARGET 2- securities into one platform, which will offer many shared components.


SWIFT has introduced a mandatory annual assessment as part of its consumer safety programme. This will have an impact on all financial institutions.


Another momentous SWIFT regulation – CBPR+ – mandates the transition from ISO 15022 to ISO 20022.

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