Climate Excellence

Climate Excellence

Looking at climate change: Scenario analysis software for companies

Learn how climate risks and opportunities could affect your portfolio with just a few clicks

Climate change poses financial risks and opportunities for business and companies. Current business models and their strategic resilience are facing major challenges due to climate change.
Although the consequences of climate change can change the risk-return profile of financial investments, there is often still uncertainty and a lack of transparency about their potential impact and drivers. However, it is precisely this transparency that supervisory authorities such as the ECB, PRA, BaFin and other regulators such as the EU Commission demand.

Our Solution

PwC's Climate Excellence software for climate scenario analysis (climate risk assessment tool) enables you to quickly and easily identify opportunities and risks resulting from climate change in your portfolios and understand how they might affect sectors, sub-sectors, regions, technologies and companies over time.
Choose from climate scenarios along the Paris Agreement, and gain not only an impression of the risk drivers, but also an understanding of possible climate impacts and the opportunities of climate change. At the same time, you can create the basis for transparent climate reporting that is always up to date according to current reporting standards.

verified_userMarket-proven and interdisciplinary

Climate Excellence was developed together with experts from the financial sector and leading academic institutions and has been successfully used in the market for more than seven years. Our Portfolio Risk Assessment Tool is equally suitable for the financial and real economy.

languageGlobal reach and detailed insights

Climate Excellence covers a wide range of financial parameters with over 50 countries and more than 40,000 listed financial stocks, across all sectors.

playlist_add_checkFast and versatile

Results from Climate Excellence can be directly integrated into your existing processes. The fundamental analysis of climate impacts based on production facilities, products and supply chains enables an understanding of the effects of climate-related changes in demand, regulation and technologies - beyond carbon dioxide pricing.

thumb_upProactive and close to the market

Climate Excellence helps you to reflect on the effects of your strategic and corporate actions and to communicate your commitment.
Always be prepared to communicate adequately and proactively with stakeholders: e.g. in climate reporting according to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and the EU Guidelines on non-financial reporting: Supplement on reporting climate-related information, as well as disclosures e.g. according to the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance.

Added value and functions

Get an overview of climate-related risks and opportunities in your portfolio: For companies, technologies, countries and sectors


Select scenarios

Choose from three different Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP) scenarios of the International Energy Agency (IEA):
  • 2.7°C Reference Technology Scenario (RTS)
  • 2°C Scenario (2DS)
  • Below 2°C scenario (B2DS)

Determine financial relevance in the overall portfolio

Let Climate Excellence perform the materiality assessment for companies, industries, regions, over time and scenarios.


Automatically meet reporting requirements

Keep your reporting up to date at the touch of a button and meet the requirements of TCFD, PRI, CDP and EU directives


Understanding risk and opportunity factors

Use Climate Excellence to understand and analyze risk drivers in your portfolio. These reflect technological change, changes in demand and prices and a range of regulatory measures.


Use and integrate insights

Interpret the results in their context for portfolio management, risk management and investment decisions - which risks and opportunities are material to you? Which companies could be structural winners and losers?

Dr. Nicole Röttmer

Climate Excellence creates transparency in order to understand complex climate-related market dynamics and their effects. This is the basis for actively managing the material risks of climate change along clearly identifiable risk drivers.

Dr. Nicole Röttmer, Partner and Climate Leader at PwC Germany

Scenario analyses as the foundation of your climate strategy

To get your journey started, the Software-as-a-Service solution requires minimal information: Portfolio name of your choice, ISIN, company name and portfolio weighting. Once you have uploaded your portfolio, Climate Excellence analyzes the climate-related risks and opportunities of your securities down to the physical assets with their location- and technology-specific climate impact. This allows you to make informed decisions on your climate strategy based on climate scenarios and to conduct proactive risk management.

Relevant for companies in all industries and sectors

Sooner or later, climate change will affect every company - regardless of industry. Therefore it is also the goal of Climate Excellence to cover all sectors. Currently, the module for asset managers and asset owners, as well as that for banks have been successfully launched on the market and are already applicable for companies from all industries. Further modules will offer specific functions for the real estate industry, companies in general, and insurance companies. There will also be modules covering physical risk for the private equity sector and for countries/states. So we can also cover your whole company in detail.


Climate Excellence
from 7,900 Euro

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution

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