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Crowd Management Platform

Use visitor flow data intelligently for security, new services and optimization of your events

Your advantages at a glance

  • Easily ensure higher safety standards
  • Optimize your event flow
  • Take advantage of our out-of-the-box features

Your crowd management challenge

The event industry is currently facing numerous challenges more than ever before: Digitization, competitive pressure, increasing safety requirements, and the growing demands of visitors for an overall experience are forcing organizers to constantly improve the general conditions for events.

To remain attractive in the future, you need to be innovative – not only on stage, but also behind the scenes as well as on the entire event site. Intelligent data analysis is becoming a decisive competitive advantage in this regard. But in this area in particular, most event organizers have so far hardly exploited their potential. Due to the lack of access to potential data sources and supposedly complex analyses, only a few event organizers know the actual movement behavior of their visitors. The lack of data also makes it impossible to react promptly to changes in behavior and make adjustments. Dangerous situations are also not recognized at an early stage, so that countermeasures are often initiated too late.

In addition, only partial information from past events is stored and used for planning and optimizing future events.

Get to know our solution



Our solution? The Crowd Management Platform – Intelligent management of movement behavior at your event

In the context of major events, mobility and public safety, PwC's Crowd Management Platform allows you to efficiently analyze the movement behavior of visitors to your event, identify optimization potential and control the event via intelligent communication services.

The platform uses smartphone sensor data to create a situational picture of crowd behavior. Movement paths, densities, infrastructure usage and potential problem areas can thus be analyzed and evaluated in real time. The crowd management software is supported by integrated artificial intelligence. This alerts you to anomalies and trends in real time. 

The out-of-the-box solution works without any complex additional installation. However, external data sources and sensors can be easily connected at any time. The platform also makes it possible to send event visitors location-based notifications, such as individual information, marketing content or notes on the event schedule in selected zones. 

Your benefits with our crowd management solution


Use of collected data for event planning


Improved responsiveness to incidents and situation changes 


Creation of forecasts and uncovering of optimization potentials through artificial intelligence


Efficient operations management (staff and asset coordination)


Creating a unique experience for your visitors


Ensuring data protection and GDPR compliance 

Features of the Crowd Management Platform



Visitor flow analysis
Visitor flows are visualized in terms of density, direction of movement and speed in real time on the map of your event site.

Mobility analysis
The platform records the types of mobility used by visitors as well as the intensity of use of stations, routes and sections of routes on the way to and from your event location.

Long-term analyses
With a customized dashboard, the platform's web application enables efficient and intuitive data processing and use for long-term analyses. For example, movement patterns of visitor groups during the event can be analyzed and used for planning future events.

Artificial Intelligence
The platform's artificial intelligence analyzes all incoming data streams and detects anomalies as well as trends. For example, it detects the risk of overcrowding due to approaching streams of visitors before an entrance to the event site and automatically reports this warning to the event's control center.

Integration of external data sources
External sensors of any kind can be integrated into the platform. These additional data sources serve to collect further relevant information and use it for analyses. For example, cameras and external sensors can be connected to the Crowd Management Platform via the interface for external data sources. The platform alerts in the event of limit value violations of the data sources in individually defined zones.

Intelligent notifications
Notifications can be individualized and sent to app users in defined zones based on their location. Possible applications include targeted recommendations, intelligent service messages or marketing campaigns. For example, visitor groups can be informed about overloaded vendor stations and alternatives.

You can enter and manage individual geographic locations, routes and zones on your event site in the site plan – visible to your visitors in your app. For example, visitors can be informed about the locations of your event infrastructure (entrances, sanitary facilities, emergency aid points, etc.).

Asset tracking
The geographic locations and movement data of your mobile assets (employees, task forces and vehicles) are automatically recorded and can be accessed by you at any time.

Asset notifications & reporting
Your mobile employees and the control center can communicate via our free Command app. If a medical emergency occurs on your event site, you can quickly and efficiently contact and instruct an emergency worker. Furthermore, this emergency worker can give feedback and, for example, ask for reinforcement.

All interactions and reports are automatically logged in a logbook and stored long-term. You and your employees can add manual entries at any time. The logbook can be filtered and exported as a PDF.

Use Cases

Prevention of risk situations

01 Observation

Before the start of a sports event, the spectators arrive in front of the stadium grounds. The crowd mainly heads for the southern main entrance.




02 Analysis

The operations center detects a significant increase in the number of people outside the main entrance.




03 Intelligent notifications

The operations center informs the affected visitor streams via app based on location and recommends to switch to other nearby entrances.




04 Solution

The group of people follows the recommendations and disperse to the surrounding entrances in order to enter the stadium more quickly.


Asset coordination

01 Incident

During an event, a visitor is injured so that she needs medical assistance




02 Reporting

A security guard from your event is on site and reports the emergency via the Command app.




03 Asset tracking

The dispatch center receives the message and requests available medical care with a short route to the emergency.




04 Asset notification

The requested paramedic confirms the takeover and follows the instructions on the Command app map to the location of the injured visitor.




05 Asset reaction

The paramedic reaches the location of the injured visitor and can quickly provide her with medical care.




06 Logbook

All messages and instructions of this incident are automatically saved in the logbook.


Planning and improvement of future events

01 Planning

The organizers of a music festival plan the next event.




02 Long-term analysis

The organizers use the collected information from their last events. Through the platform, they have access to analyses regarding the utilization of the zones in front of the respective event stages.




03 Movement analysis

It is also possible to evaluate how the visitor groups have moved between the individual stage performances. This enables the organizers to optimize the program of the next event with regard to the sequence and allocation of the stages.



Crowd Management Platform
from € 7,500annually
  • Standardized mobility analyses incl. dashboard
  • Software development kit for app integration
  • Intelligent notification technology
  • Support
  • Continuous feature enhancement and maintenance
Possible additional services
upon request
  • Individual technical adaptation of the Crowd Management Platform
  • Conceptual extension of the Crowd Management Platform
  • Supplementary workshops for training, further development perspectives, etc.

... and much more

Use data to take your events to the next level.

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How is "crowd management" defined?


Crowd management refers to the systematic organization of gatherings of people. It is important to continuously monitor and analyze the movements and dynamics in order to ensure the safety, protection and preservation of the well-being of all participants on site.

Why is "crowd management" important?


People behave differently in large crowds than they do alone. Dynamics can easily spread and lead to irrational behavior. Through targeted intervention, the behavior of crowds can be influenced to everyone's advantage and dangerous situations such as blocked escape routes and mass panic can be prevented. In addition, efficiency gains and logistical advantages can also be achieved. For example, it is possible to better adapt services to user behavior and reduce long lines and waiting times. Also, resources can be used in a more targeted and efficient manner – regardless of whether this involves goods or infrastructure.

How does "crowd management" work?


Crowd management explicitly means not the control, but the steering of crowds. This is done primarily by deliberately influencing the behavior and conditions for the behavior of crowds. For such targeted control, it is first necessary to collect information about the behavior of a crowd and to derive models from it – in modern times, usually through the use of AI. Based on these models, problems can then be identified and predicted. If a well-founded overview is now available, it is possible to intervene in a more targeted and efficient manner.

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