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Automated Processing Solution for Infrastructure

Efficient digitalisation of your objection management

Respond automatically to objections in the plan approval procedure

Regardless of whether you are in charge of railway, energy plant, airport or road construction or other infrastructure projects:


75 %

faster processing

The tool enables up to 75% faster processing and thus conserves your resources

100 %

on the legally safe side

Automated creation of consistent responses keeps you legally on the safe side.

40 %

reduction of costs

You reduce costs and at the same time increase your speed of response to objections to your construction project.

We digitise objection management for your infrastructure project!

Our solution is structured in a modular way. Decide for yourself to what extent or in which process steps we can support you.


Data extraction, analysis and preparation

Our Tool automatically analyses all objection letters and statements received. The information relevant for objection management is then extracted and structured by the tool. The results of the analysis are compiled in a central database.


Development of a central library for counterarguments

The response text modules created by your experts and/or PwC Legal are recorded in a central library. Access to the individual objections and responses can be managed by means of freely configurable authorisation concepts.

The fully automatic allocation and storage in the central library ensures consistent and up-to-date argumentation at all times.


Drafting consistent responses

Our solution analyses the objections to the specific project formulated in the letters, automatically searches the library for strong counter-arguments and creates an initial draft response. Depending on the client's wishes, this draft text is then forwarded to your experts or to the experts at PwC Legal for review (adaptation, if necessary) and approval.


Preparation of synopsis for hearing procedures and preparation of the final statement

At the touch of a button you have the option of receiving a clear presentation of all objections and responses . You can also have synopses created that give you an overview of which counter arguments were used in response to which objection. The final statement pursuant to Section 73 para. 9 Administrative Procedure Act VwVfG can also be created automatically with the help of this information.

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