Automated Processing Solution for Airlines

Efficient solution for your Passenger Claims Management

Processing passenger claims automatically with the Automated Processing Solution for Airlines

In air travel, overbookings, delays, flight cancellations, rescheduling and missed connecting flights can often occur. In particular, Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 grants extensive compensation rights to flight passengers. As an airline with a large number of flights and passengers, the risk of becoming the focus of specialised law firms or legal tech providers increases.


90 %

Reduction in lead time for claims processing

Our solution significantly reduces the lead time for claims processing. With our solution, you only pay for the processing when you use it (variable costs instead of fixed service fees).

100 %

Legal certainty

You can rely on every decision being in line with the latest judgments of the European Court of Justice. In the event of a legal dispute, our PwC attorneys will represent you in court throughout Europe, upon your request.

Modular Approach: Building blocks of digital legal advice for airlines

Achieve a fast, easy and transparent claims handling process through optimised Passenger Claims Management. This way, you gain the trust and loyalty of your flight passengers.


Automated import of claims

Claims from airline passengers in all forms (web forms, emails, letters, and requests from claims agencies such as Flightright, EUclaim, or AirHelp) can be automatically imported into the compensation management software.


AI-Powered damage analysis

Our software analyses all incoming documents using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With the help of semantic search technologies based on artificial intelligence, our legal tech solution for airlines captures both general information (e.g. date or flight number) and individual parameters (e.g. information about claimants, factual information and legal arguments).


Digital legal advice for your airline

Our attorneys continuously monitor our solution by cross-referencing the extracted data from the incoming documents with weather and flight data. This validates each individual claim. In addition, our attorneys also keep an eye on current case law and all relevant developments. You can rely on every decision being in line with the respective case law, in particular of the European Court of Justice.


Output and reporting cockpit

Depending on your needs, our legal tech solution for airlines automatically generates all necessary documents for customer correspondence. For example, an automated response letter can be sent, informing customers about the validation result and offering them a voucher instead of cash payment. Additionally, our software provides you with all the relevant data you need to trigger individual payments. The output data format can be customised to integrate with your accounting system, making the process easier.Our live dashboards, which you can freely customise according to your needs, provide full transparency on all KPIs and every single process.

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