Automated Processing Solution for Administration

Efficient software for grant management

Automated and digital administration of grants

The allocation of grants involves a significant amount of work for administrative authorities. Incoming mail needs to be managed, individual applications reviewed, discretionary decisions made and rejection or approval letters created and sent. Applications must be processed promptly to ensure the agency remains operational in all areas. However, grant applications are typically handled manually. This consumes a lot of time for employees who are occupied with the time-consuming processing and decision-making regarding the approval or rejection of grant applications. This lack of time and expertise from employees in other areas leads to long processing times.


Relieving your employees

Our software reduces the workload of your employees. They can be efficiently deployed where they are most needed.

Transparent communication

Our grant management software helps you handle correspondence with applicants in a transparent and prompt manner.

Support from our experts

Our experts provide support with their extensive administrative expertise in processing grant applications.

Timely Processing

With our solution, you can reduce long processing and decision-making times. Applications that deal with essentially the same issues (e.g. student financial aid, COVID-19 assistance) can be processed with time savings of up to 90%.

Modular Approach: Building blocks of our grant management software

Our software supports you through fully automated data matching and thorough preparation of discretionary decisions, enabling faster approval or rejection of applications.



  • Screening and analysis of all incoming applications using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and optimised Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Extraction of important parameters using artificial intelligence (e.g. deadlines, applicant information, factual details, and legal arguments)



  • Creation and management of digital files
  • Monitoring of deadlines and allocated grant amounts
  • Automatic completeness checks and, if necessary, sending a request for additional information
  • Automatic generation of acceptance or rejection letters for binding decisions
  • Decision recommendations for discretionary decisions



  • Individually configurable user interface
  • Real-time key performance indicators (e.g. processing status, deadlines, and amounts to be disbursed)
  • Flexible parameters (e.g. number of cases, number of approved and rejected applications, weekly/monthly number of new applicants)
  • Ensuring specialised responsibility by assigning individual reviewers or working groups to specific types of applications or decision aids
  • All decisions are transparent and traceable at all times

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