Agile Reporting Solution

Integrated reporting for agile project management

For your transformation project to succeed

Reporting in transformation projects is often not adapted to the individual expectations and demands of the various stakeholder groups and thus has only limited value for the addressees. Reports are usually created manually and individually for each project phase in a time-consuming manner, making them an unpopular and error-prone task.


Embedded solution

We connect the Agile Reporting Solution to your existing project management tool

Real-time insights

Real-time insight into project status and forecasting to optimize program control

Best-Practice KPIs

Take advantage of our best practice KPIs, which we have used in numerous successfully completed agile transformation projects

Integrated solution

We set up the Agile Reporting Solution on your infrastructure so that all data remains with you

Our Agile Reporting Solution - connected with your issue & project management tracking software

The Agile Reporting Solution is used for large, agile transformation projects in the technology environment. 


Automated preparation of program relevant KPI's

The tool displays best practice KPI's graphically as a dashboard in Power BI based on your issue & project management tracking software (e.g. Jira).


Calculated forecasts

In addition, forecasts are calculated based on the existing project data in order to anticipate shifts in the timeline as early as possible and, if necessary, adjust milestone and resource planning. 


Visualisation of project data

The goal of the tool is the automated and stakeholder-friendly visualisation of project data across all project phases.

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