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Agile Reporting Solution - Integrated reporting for agile project management

For your transformation project to succeed

Reporting in agile project management often leaves room for improvement

Reporting in transformation projects is often not adapted to the individual expectations and demands of the various stakeholder groups and thus has only limited value for the addressees. Reports are usually created manually and individually for each project phase in a time-consuming manner, making them an unpopular and error-prone task.

Furthermore, especially in agile projects, there is a lack of clarity about which KPIs are relevant and how the KPIs can contribute to active program control. This leads to an inefficient agile management since retrospectives, for example, lack the clues for continuous improvement of agile processes such as sprint & resource planning and user story sizing. As a result, the advantages of agile methods are not fully exploited.

Our Agile Reporting Solution - connected with your issue & project management tracking software

With our Agile Reporting Solution we offer you a product based on our experience from numerous transformation projects. It automatically generates best practice KPIs for agile project management in real time from the data of your issue & project management tracking software. This increases the productivity of the project team, while at the same time improving the quality of insights for the various stakeholder groups. Thus, your planned transformation will be a complete success!

The Agile Reporting Solution is used for large, agile transformation projects in the technology environment. The asset supports the automated preparation of program relevant KPI's (e.g. velocity of a workstream, number of processed user stories). This happens via displaying best practice KPI's graphically as a dashboard in Power BI based on your issue & project management tracking software (e.g. Jira). In addition, forecasts are calculated based on the existing project data in order to anticipate shifts in the timeline as early as possible and, if necessary, adjust milestone and resource planning. The goal of the tool is the automated and stakeholder-friendly visualization of project data across all project phases.

For readers of the report

The Agile Reporting Solution offers users (e.g. project manager or the steering committee) a real-time view of the project status and forecasts the further progress. It can thus be determined whether the project will be completed with the available resources within the set time frame. The Agile Reporting Solution allows users to drill down to the desired level of detail (e.g. one view per workstream).

For creators of the report

The Agile Reporting Solution relieves the project team by automating the previously manual reporting. This allows employees to focus on value-adding activities that serve the progress of the transformation project.

Have a look into our reporting solution for agile transformation projects

How your agile project management benefits from our solution

view_moduleCustomizable reporting

Stakeholder-friendly reporting including drill-down options for dynamic adaptation

codeEmbedded solution

We connect the Agile Reporting Solution to your existing project management tool

picture_in_pictureReal-time insights

Real-time insight into project status and forecasting to optimize program control

show_chartBest-Practice KPIs

Take advantage of our best practice KPIs, which we have used in numerous successfully completed agile transformation projects

library_addIntegrated solution

We set up the Agile Reporting Solution on your infrastructure so that all data remains with you


Agile Reporting Solution
from 10.000 €one-time
  • Rollout of the Agile Reporting Solution in your company 
Agile Reporting Solution + Workshop
from 15.000 €one-time
  • Rollout of the Agile Reporting Solution in your company 
  • Including a 3-hour workshop on the subject of "KPIs in agile transformation projects"

Take your project planning to the next level

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On what solution is your Agile Reporting Solution based on?


The Agile Reporting Solution is based on Power BI, which we will connect to your existing issue & project management tracking software. To use our solution a Power BI licence is required.

How does the Agile Reporting Solution increase the level of automation?


The solution replaces manual applications by reading data automatically from your issue & project management tracking tool via an interface. The data is used as a basis for the calculation of KPIs. The created reporting is dynamically customizable for the wanted information level through different filters.

How does our Agile Reporting Tool support your PMO?


Manual and thus error-prone reporting is being automated through our Agile Reporting Solution.This results in your PMO having more resources for the active program management and at the same time increasing the satisfaction of your shareholders.

How does our Agile Reporting Solution support your Scrum Master?


Through the KPIs for agile project management, the Scrum Master can derive continuous improvement measures. By showing how many man-days (size) are needed to complete a user story, the Scrum Master gets an insight into whether the planned man-days of the user stories are appropriate. The Scrum Master can then decide whether a fundamental change in the methodology for estimating the user story size makes sense or whether the resource planning needs to be adjusted.

Where will my data be stored?


The Agile Reporting solution is built entirely on your own infrastructure, so that input, processing and output take place on your own systems.

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