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OneTrust Implementation and Optimisation

PwC expertise for data privacy management

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OneTrust is an internationally leading provider of privacy software solutions. The tool comprises an extensive portfolio of modules covering various areas such as privacy management, IT security, and ESG. Users have the option to configure these modules individually. However, they must ensure that all adjustments comply with legal requirements and seamlessly integrate the individual components. This poses a significant challenge, especially for companies lacking the necessary capacities or specialised departments. 



hours of experience

Our package offerings are built on over 3000 hours of practical operational experience in OneTrust implementation, providing ready-to-use standard solutions for data privacy management.



At PwC, over 30 specialists are dedicated to implementing OneTrust modules in all aspects. Their expertise has contributed to our standardised work packages. 

OneTrust Implementation and Optimisation: tailored and legally compliant

You have acquired OneTrust – what happens next? We implement and configure the data privacy tool according to your requirements, ensuring seamless integration of modules and legally compliant processes. 


Selection of the work package

Our specialists assist you in selecting the suitable solution from our portfolio for OneTrust implementation and optimisation. 


Access to OneTrust

You grant our team access to your OneTrust environment. 



We implement all components of the desired solution into your existing OneTrust environment and ensure seamless integration of our content. 


Final workshop

We conclude our OneTrust implementation and optimisation with a workshop, ensuring that users can seamlessly work with our design.