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IoT Market Compass – Successfully develop and implement IoT strategies

Identify business potential and target the right IoT markets

The most important benefits at a glance

  • Our tool is available to you free of charge
  • You receive insights into your IoT market potential
  • You receive valuable recommendations for your IoT strategy

Your challenge in strategic positioning on the IoT market

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the key drivers of digital transformation. It enables the fusion of the physical and digital worlds – and thus changes the way customers and companies interact with each other. Through the use of new digital sales channels, unique user experiences or the development of a platform business, new opportunities for adding value are being created.

IoT is expected to have impacted all industries within the next five years, as the market is large and offers enormous potential. In the European market, IoT market volume is expected to reach USD 335 billion in 2025 with 14% CAGR 20-25. Companies are therefore already faced with the question of how their business model will change in the future and which new products and services will be in demand from their customers. Accordingly, they are considering what they can offer customers in the areas of hardware, connectivity, software, but also services and holistic solutions.

Identifying their own strategic positioning and individual business potential in a digital, IoT-connected world is one of the greatest challenges for companies.

In order to take the right path and build up their own IoT business, companies need a comprehensive understanding of the IoT market, knowledge of individual industries, and technological expertise. 


Our solution? IoT Market Compass – develop the business potential with the right IoT strategy

Our tool, the IoT Market Compass, offers you an initial starting point in identifying your individual IoT business potential free of charge. This provides the basis for developing your IoT strategy.

Just answer a few questions about your company, existing IoT maturity or focused technology levels and we will create a customized report for your company. The report shows the addressable IoT market for you and provides insights into your chosen industry, including relevant IoT trends, an estimate of IoT market maturity and interesting use cases. 

With the IoT Market Compass, we aim to help you build and develop your IoT business and pick you up where you are on your journey to becoming an IoT champion.

The benefits of the IoT Market Compass

money_offFree of charge

The report is provided to you free of charge

view_moduleBasis for business decisions

The IoT report is tailored to your business and ranks your IoT business potential in the marketplace

thumb_upActionable recommendations

In addition to market information, the IoT report contains recommendations for action and an overview of possible next steps

track_changesOverview of addressable IoT market

The PwC IoT market model represents your individual IoT potential based on the answers you provide (e.g., relevant regions, technology to focus on)

detailsDetailed market information

Gain relevant market insights and an overview of potential use cases

flash_onFast and efficient

The report will be made available to you immediately after answering a few questions


IoT Market Compass
Free of charge
  • Gain IoT Insights
  • Discover market potential
  • Develop IoT strategies


How does the tool help validate a potential IoT business model and implement an IoT strategy?

The IoT Market Compass provides basic insight into the IoT potential of a specific market, taking into account the IoT maturity you specified in the questionnaire and the technology focus you defined. Through this knowledge, the foundation for a future IoT strategy can be established. Additionally, the insights provided by the IoT report can enable an initial starting point for validating an existing IoT business model. For example, the IoT Report shows the potential of a region or a specific industry, allowing an existing IoT business model to be better scrutinized.

Can the IoT report be downloaded?

The IoT Report is presented with interactive elements on a website. Consequently, a download is not possible.

How can I translate the information from the report into concrete recommendations for action?

From the point of view of IoT technology, the IoT Market Compass gives an initial impression of the IoT potential and opportunities in the chosen industry . Based on this information, an initial assessment can be made as to whether the company would like to establish its own IoT business. However, concrete decisions require a more detailed analysis of the industry and region under consideration as well as the company itself. In order to support you in the corresponding considerations, we are at your disposal at any time.

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