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German Investor Tax Reporting

The tax solution for mutual investment funds

Reduce risk and enable investors to take advantage of tax benefits with our Fund Reporting Solution

With the amendment of the German Investment Tax Act in 2018, the requirements for tax reporting for investment funds have fundamentally changed. In particular, the calculation and provision of tax-relevant key figures to fund investors, such as the equity participation rate, presents fund providers with the challenge of providing a suitable reporting solution for investment funds.

Effective and easily accessible tax reporting is crucial for the successful distribution of investment funds on the German market. It offers your clients the opportunity to sustainably increase the after-tax return on their investments by utilising the partial tax exemption. Our German Investor Tax Reporting helps you to fulfil tax requirements and provide your customers with transparent and reliable tax reporting.

Your benefits


fewer client enquiries

The number of client enquiries from German investors will be reduced as they now have all relevant information through our Fund Tax Reporting solution.


Reduction of personnel resources

With German Investor Tax Reporting, you can significantly reduce the personnel resources required for tax reporting, as our solution covers all necessary activities.

The process for determining taxable income according to § 16 InvStG in four steps

Benefit from an end-to-end service for asset management companies with our reporting solution for investment funds. We take care of all steps in the reporting process to maximise the time-benefit for your tax function.


Scope determination

You provide us with the ISIN and we take care of all aspects of fund tax reporting in accordance with the German Investment Tax Act.


Data exchange with fund administrators

We establish a data connection with the fund administrator to obtain all the data required for tax reporting on a daily basis.


Preparation of daily tax reporting

On the basis of the data provided to us, we calculate the tax figures on each valuation day in accordance with the German Investment Tax Act.


Publication of tax figures

We report the tax figures calculated by PwC to WM Datenservice on one hand. On the other hand, the tax figures are published on PwC's Fund Reporting Portal.

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