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Learning Sprints - DBU

On-the-job training with the Digital Business University

Further education is the biggest challenge of digitalization

Digitally competent employees are the key to a successful digital transformation. Technological progress is rapidly changing the nature as well as content of work and the skills required for it.

Especially when it comes to needs-based, company-specific and efficient further training on basic digital skills - regardless of age, location or profession - most companies still have a lot of catching up to do.

Digitally competent with the Learning Sprints of DBU

From doorman to CEO: Learning Sprints for everyone.

The DBU Digital Business University of Applied Sciences helps you keep pace with the digital transformation - with customizable digital further education and study programs. Use our DBU Learning Sprints to offer your employees attractive learning opportunities for acquiring basic digital skills - tailored to your company, on-the-job, practice-oriented.

Learning Sprints are short digital learning units on current topics like "Digital Basics", "Digital Tools", "Agile Management" or "Digital Leadership". All Learning Sprints are 100% digital and offer various formats (e.g. videos, gamification, case studies) and motivating didactics. The Learning Sprints can be adapted to individual customer needs and integrated into external learning platforms.


Your benefits


Our Learning Sprints can be adapted easily and quickly to your CI/CD. Also, an integration into existing learning or IT systems is possible.


Our Learning Sprints can be individually tailored to your needs and questions. The digital format offers optimal conditions and individual freedom for an extra-occupational further education.


Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees: Learning Sprints offer a fast and (cost) effective way of upskilling, which we can design according to your needs.


Our study programs and Learning Sprints are honored with officially recognized and internationally valid certificates. Our teaching staff are leading experts and innovators who distinguish themselves through high academic quality and motivating didactics.

Next generation education - these are our formats

DBU LernSprints: Skills assessment
Skills Assessment
DBU LernSprints: Knackige Lernvideos
Challenging learning videos
DBU LernSprints: Mobile Lern-Nuggets
Mobile learning nuggets
DBU LernSprints: Kompakte Präsenzeinheiten
Compact presence sessions
DBU LernSprints: Digitale Sprechstunde
Digital office hours
DBU LernSprints: Moderierte Lernforen und Chats
Moderated learning forums and chats
DBU LernSprints: Quizzes & Games
Quizzes & games


What are Learning Sprints?

Learning Sprints are short digital learning units (max. 15 hours) on current topics such as "Digital Basics", "Digital Tools", "Agile Project Management", "Digital Leadership" or "Digital Finance". Learning Sprints are 100% digital and offer various formats (video, gamification, case studies) and motivating didactics. Each of our Learning Sprints can be individually adapted and tailored to customer needs. Graduates receive a badge or an academic certificate (combination of several badges).

Who are Learning Sprints for?

Learning Sprints are suited for all employees, from doorman to CEO. They are especially suited to teach basic digital skills to large groups of employees in a cost effective manner.

How can Learning Sprints and study contents of DBU be customized according to companies’ needs?

The DBU has its own production team of e-learning and media designers who can easily customize or expand existing course offerings in cooperation with a company and our professors. Usually, additional "learning nuggets" (short digital learning contents) such as learning videos, case studies or interviews with company representatives are created in a time and cost efficient manner and integrated into the existing learning sprints and study contents.

Are further education programs at the DBU really purely digital?

All DBU Learning Sprints are basically purely digital, but can be supplemented by classroom training at the DBU or at companies' premises as required. The DBU can also take over the organization of a "kick-off" and "closing event" (digital or physical) or the creation of accompanying communication measures. All services are subject to additional costs depending on the amount of work involved.

Is DBU officially recognized?

The DBU Digital Business University of Applied Sciences was officially recognized by the Berlin Senatskanzlei Wissenschaft und Forschung in November 2019. Its degrees are thus internationally valid.

Studying at the DBU? It's also possible!

The Learning Sprints for all employees are only one format of DBU. For more information on our study courses please click here: 

Pricing and possible Learning Sprints

The Learning Sprints cost  490 per participant, starting from a number of 100 participants.

  • Short digital learning units on current topics
  • 100% digital
  • Various formats (e.g. videos, gamification, case studies)
  • Modern didactics

Further graduated prices on request.

Further Learning Sprints in addition to those mentioned here are "Digital Ethics | Corporate Digital Responsibility" and "Self-management in digitalised working environments".

Digital Basics

Digital Basics offers an introduction to the fundamental technological developments in hardware, software, cloud and mobile computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things or blockchain with practical use cases.

Agile Management

Agile Management shows the application of agile techniques and tools like Taskboard and MoSCow and explains the basics of SCRUM up to the preparation for the "SCRUM Master".

Basics Artificial Intelligence

Basics Artificial Intelligence provides a practice-oriented introduction to the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, presents the most important methods and tools, explains the most useful areas of application in the company and provides a guide and concrete tips and tricks for using Artificial Intelligence in business practice.

Basics Cyber Security

Basics Cyber Security sensitizes employees to the risks and entry points of hackers and cyber criminals into a company's IT systems and teaches the necessary precautions and behavior to reduce this risk in the long term.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation demonstrates in a practice-oriented manner how automation projects can be embedded in a wide range of business processes - step by step from the analysis of automation potentials to the determination of success factors and the configuration of a target operating model.

Digital Leadership

The Learning Sprint Digital Leadership explores the mindset of a digital leader, the management of (virtual) teams, agile leadership approaches and methods, purpose-driven governance, and the smart combination of modern digital leadership tools and human emotions.

Data Science Essentials

In the Learning Sprint Data Science Essentials, participants learn the basics of generating value from data: a basic understanding of data types and sources in the company, methods and tools for data preparation and analysis, and techniques for visualising and storytelling with data.

Digital Collaboration & Worktools

The Learning Sprint Digital Collaboration & Worktools is about task organisation and time management with the help of digital tools, document management and collaboration in the cloud, virtual communication and collaboration.


The Learning Sprint Intrapreneurship conveys the mindset, skillset and toolset of an entrepreneur within a company and - at the same time - provides an overview of the conditions that enable and promote entrepreneurship among employees.

Profit from our unique learning concept

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