DAC6 Smart Reporting

DAC6 Smart Reporting

DAC6 EU reporting requirements: Compliance the easy way

Your challenge

Ensuring compliance with and monitoring of the new reporting obligations with the least possible additional cost and time expenditure. Because the risk of severe sanctions increases where the reporting obligations are not (fully) met, or where declarations are filed late.

DAC6 Directive

According to the DAC6 Directive, certain EU-related cross-border arrangements must be reported to the national tax authorities if the arrangements meet certain Hallmarks. The arrangement does not always have to contain a tax advantage to qualify as reportable. The tax administrations of the EU member states will exchange the disclosed information among themselves in a mandatory automated procedure.

Even though the directive does not provide for an ongoing reporting obligation before July 1, 2020, both taxpayers and intermediaries are obliged to report cross-border arrangements that have already been implemented as of June 25, 2018.

Our solution: DAC6 Smart Reporting

DAC6 Smart Reporting ensures an efficient DAC6 compliance process. Among other features our tool enables you to:

  • Identify, record and monitor cross-border arrangements
  • Analyze cross-border arrangements to establish whether there is an obligation to report
  • Co-ordinate the process with all parties involved
  • Report to relevant tax authorities

Your return on investment

scheduleTime savings

DAC6 Smart Reporting is easy to implement. It is very flexible and can be adapted to the individual needs of your company.

attach_moneyCost savings

Through efficient and structured information gathering, analysis and documentation, you will save yourself costly separate processes for the timely fulfillment of reporting obligations.

check_circleCompliance and transparency

A structured analysis with subsequent electronic transmission of the report, including complete documentation, ensures that the reporting obligations are fulfilled in a manner which is timely, comprehensible and transparent.

Further advantages of DAC6 Smart Reporting

  • Structured data collection: Potentially reportable cross-border arrangements are collected in a structured, uniform and efficient manner.
  • Transparency, Audit Trail and Security: Configurable access management and full history capture of all changes safeguard fully transparent and auditable collection, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Latest developments always accessible: DAC6 Smart Reporting offers you direct access to the latest expert knowledge on DAC6 in the individual EU member states.
  • Reports and analyses: The built-in dashboard gives you a complete overview of your DAC6 reporting risk and your already analyzed cross-border arrangements.
  • Collaboration: The integrated communication, review and delegation functions facilitate the sharing and review of relevant information and assessments.


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