The Insurance Monitor: To Be or Not to Be- the Future of Motor Insurance - Issue 3 - 2015









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Since the first issue of Insurance Monitor in 2013, we have paid close attention to motor insurance. A year ago, we took a detailed look at the phenomenon of aggregators and found that they have developed into a permanent component of the market. In the second issue, published in spring 2014, we focused on the “Road of Disaster” – the area of motor insurance claims – and identified a great deal of potential improvements for this area. ArticleGiven the huge response from market participants and the dynamics of change in the motor insurance segment, it seemed only logical to follow up on these individual studies with a comprehensive analysis of motor insurance in Germany and its future development. As in the previous issues, our aim was to collate facts and figures, obtain professional opinions and provide a platform for dialogue to the industry in which all market participants can be involved.For this reason, we have once again chosen not to restrict ourselves to researching market data, but conducted in-depth interviews with numerous market participants – with insurers from across the spectrum, automotive manufacturers, associations, service providers and other experts. Notwithstanding the different inputs, the interviews had one thing in common: motor insurance is at the focus of the strategic considerations for all market participants – even though some of them may not necessarily call their solutions “insurance”. The considerations primarily pivot on two questions: what are the trends that will impact the German motor insurance market in the coming years, and how will the market respond? These two questions are the main focus of our current issue of Insurance Monitor. In this context, we have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the developments among the aggregators, the automotive industry, technology and mobility.