Real estate trends 2019 - This year's market value multiplier is customer connection - Part of PwC's 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey trends series

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Real estate is becoming an increasingly consumer-oriented business, one in which people are not just aware of, but engaged with, the companies that own and operate the buildings in which they live and work. This change is putting a spotlight on the industry’s long-standing disconnect with customers — and the problems with awareness, reputation and trust that stem from this.Although industry buzzwords such as PropTech and social impact may sometimes point the way to better customer relationships, they aren’t sufficient in themselves. Indeed, they can be a distraction and even an excuse for ignoring the pressing need to get closer to customers, work out what those customers really want and deliver that value in a way that makes social and commercial sense.By connecting more effectively with customers, pioneering new ways of living and working, and developing innovative solutions to the challenges facing urban communities, your business could transform its brand image and boost its market value.

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