Collaboration: Preserving water through partnering that works

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You are probably reading this report because you are concerned about your business’ water-related issues. And you want to do something about them. You recognise that water is a precious, perhaps the most precious, resource for your organisation, and that too little or too much water will have an impact on your operations. You are keenly aware of the need for responsible water use for wider economic benefits and that you’re sharing this resource with others so you’re sensitive to the quality and quantity available to those around you. But you also see the bigger picture. It’s not just about buying it and using it, but also managing water as it comes into and leaves your business, and what you do to it along the way. You know you can’t solve the issue of water resources management on your own, or just within your industry. So you’re looking to collaborate with others to do your part; to be part of something that has an even greater impact. Welcome to Collaboration: Preserving water through partnering that works This is a report that helps stakeholders understand how to collaborate with a cross-section of partners, specifically to collectively work towards responsible water use.

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