Workday Tomorrow 2024

Co-create solutions to your post-implementation challenges


Workday Tomorrow – A collaborative workshop for the Workday community like no other

Transform your work at Workday Tomorrow 2024, a collaborative event taking place from March 12-14, 2024, exclusively for leaders optimizing their Workday platform. Hosted in Frankfurt, this multi-day experience, facilitated by collaboration experts, encourages engaging exchanges with peers, idea development, and impactful solutions. In order to maximise the benefits of the collaboration, we ask that you attend all three days of the event.

What You'll benefit from

Best-practice leaders

Based on expert knowledge and best practices, we work together to develop solutions for your Workday challenges.

Exchange of experience

Question your current approach. In roundtable sessions, you will benefit from feedback loops and an exchange of experiences.

Experienced collaboration design

The creative environment creates new approaches: Under the guidance of our experienced collaboration designers, you will develop innovative approaches for your day-to-day work with Workday.

We listen to your real pain points and tailor content to address them

We at PwC believe in transformation journeys that combine the knowledge and skills of employees with the innovative power of technology. Come, join us at Workday Tomorrow 2024 to co-create solutions in focus areas that are chosen and customised each year to fit the challenges currently facing the Workday community.


Steps after the Workday Go-live

Topics addressed by our Workday series include value realisation, prioritisation and governance post-implementation


You can’t solve a problem unless you have fun with it

Change is here to stay – Storytelling, enablement and user adoption


Individual solutions for your post-implementation challenges

Agile cross-functional teams – design them with the skills and expertise from across HR and IT


Accelerate transformation

Technology extended – ideating and designing potential solutions to extend your Workday solution