ESCRIBA ECAP Document Services for Workday

No- and low-code document management software from ESCRIBA 

Automated document creation in the accustomed Workday environment

Whether it is an employment contract, a request for a change in working hours or an application for further training: almost every document created in the HR department is linked to internal and external compliance requirements and usually contains a large amount of data. They are legally binding and therefore subject to special care. Nevertheless, document management, especially document creation, is still associated with manual processes in many companies and therefore requires extensive resources. It is also a source of errors that can have legal consequences. 




With ESCRIBA ECAP Document Services, companies can create and use legally compliant templates with just a few clicks.

< 78%

time saving

In direct comparison to manually created documents and contracts, ESCRIBA ECAP Document Services saves a significant amount of time. Automated document creation therefore significantly increases the efficiency of HR document management.

< 74%

cost reduction

With the Workday integration, organisations work in a single user interface. There is no need for additional HR document management systems. Automation capabilities also reduce HR costs. At the same time, resources can be allocated to more meaningful HR activities.

Powerful Duo: Integrated Data and Document Management Software

Using the database available in Workday, ESCRIBA ECAP Document Services for Workday creates legally compliant documents, such as employment contracts according to individual company requirements.


Configuration of the ESCRIBA Connector

The ESCRIBA Connector serves as the technical basis for the integration between ESCRIBA and the customer's Workday environment. The system is quickly installed and configured: First, the technical connection is established, then the required data fields from the Workday APIs can be connected through configuration in the Connector, all without programming – straightforward and simple. This ensures smooth bidirectional data exchange. 


Creation of master data

As the basis for automated document creation, the system only requires master data. If not stored already, these data are entered by the Workday user. 


Automated document creation

The virtual assistant of the document management software guides the user through the selection of individual contract components via a user-friendly interface. Subsequently, the document management software generates a personalised draft. 



Before the document is generated, the user must review the draft for predefined components. If everything is correct, final confirmation concludes the workflow, and the employment contract is generated.

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