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Digital support for a secure day-to-day business during the Corona pandemic

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A digital platform for secure business operations

Zone Check supports you in times of the corona pandemic to make your daily business life as normal as possible. This includes safe on-site operations, which allows healthy employees to return to their workplace.

Unlike publicly available solutions, Zone Check is tailored to the needs of companies and offers them a digital platform for effective crisis management. At the center is your personalized Zone Check App, which offers an anonymous decentralized contact tracing function to interrupt infection chains and also provides you with numerous other useful features. The Management Cockpit furthermore offers you the possibility of a data-based situational crisis management. Zone Check can be extended with additional modules (e.g. an integrated test management system or the connection to other devices such as wearables or fever monitors). The platform relies on voluntariness and complete anonymity of its users and meets the requirements of DSGVO/GDPR.

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Zone Check– four modules, one platform

The benefits of Zone Check

  • Security

    Contribution to the protection of employees through contact tracing without manual contact search

  • Management

    Prevention of site closures due to infection protection laws

  • Transparency

    Management Cockpit allows transparency through detailed analysis of the COVID-19 situation in the different business areas

  • Wearables

    Use in business areas without smartphone approval possible via wearables

  • Test management

    Efficient handling of "corona tests" through in-house test management minimizes downtimes

  • Customizability

    Globally applicable and adaptable to specific company requirements (corporate identity, company-specific COVID guidelines, etc.)

  • Data security

    Voluntariness, anonymity & DSGVO/ GDPR conformity ensure high appreciation by employees and works council

  • Future usability

    In the future, companies can extend the app with new features and use it for different purposes (e.g. as a communication platform)

Get to know the app

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  • Contact Tracing

    Anonymous User-IDs are exchanged on contact and stored locally

  • Risiko Score

    The anonymous risk level shows the user how the individual risk potential of an infection of the last 14 days should be assessed

  • Social Distancing Index

    Gamification for social distancing motivates users to use the app and shows how well the distance to other people has been maintained

  • Location-based Notifications

    Individual geo-fences provide users with targeted and company-specific information

Cockpit for crisis management

The Management Cockpit provides you and your company with exactly the information you need to manage the crisis effectively. An integrated dashboard in the administration area provides you with real-time information on the number of app downloads, the aggregated health status in your company and the occurrence of infections. The use of individual geo-fences also allows you to send location-based messages and supports you in distributing news or measures specifically within your company. The data evaluation with filter function enables you to make targeted insights into different company areas and thus offers you an in-depth information query as a basis for decision-making. Hence, not only you but also your employees are always kept up to date.

Zone Check in use

Zone Check is already successfully used in the manufacturing industry, during sports events as well as in the international corporate context. As a modular platform, our customers can choose the focus individually and company-specific:

  • Use of Zone Check Contact Tracing App and Management Cockpit for daily office operations in EMEA
  • Adding wearables to Zone Check at German chemical company for areas without smartphone approval
  • Use of Zone Check with integrated corona test management and interfaces to fever measuring devices in international motor sports

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    Below you will find an indicative price recommendation depending on the size of the company. Please note that the monthly operating cost per package vary according to the number of employees. Don't hesitate to contact us for a detailed offer for your company.

    • S Package
      < 2,000 employees
      • Setup Fee
        € 10,000
      • Monthly operating costs vary according to number of employees
    • M Package
      2,000 - 10,000 employees
      • Setup Fee
        € 15,000
      • Monthly operating costs vary according to number of employees
    • XL Package
      > 25,000 employees
      • Setup Fee
        € 20,000
      • Monthly operating costs vary according to number of employees

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