Smart Tax Suite

Transparency and control over your processes, information and risks

Use the latest technologies in the tax domain

PwC Germany offers companies a toolkit tailored specifically to the needs of multinationals with decentralised tax functions. The suite includes functionalities for process management, data collection and risk management. The design of the Smart Tax Suite follows a simple and lean approach utilizing state-of-the-art web technology.

Smart Collaboration

Smart Survey

Smart Tax Risks and Controls

Smart Collaboration

A process management with flexible document area



Unknown filing deadlines, the struggle of finding the latest version of a document or missed emails are yesterday’s news. Smart Collaboration from PwC is a web-based process management tool that supports you in your tax topics with efficient collaboration across locations and departments.

Built-in capabilities let you set up customized workflows, standardized processes, tasks, deadlines, clear responsibilities, a flexible document area, and more. The automatic due date tracking system reminds you in time to support you in completing tasks on time. Roll-forward your defined processes and tasks to the next year. Monitor your processes with a global view of your entire company down to the level of individual states or federal states.

Smart Collaboration is boosting work efficiency by facilitating challenging collaborations.

Smart Survey

A questionnaire tool to collect non-system data

Gain and exchange insights about tax-relevant information from within your organisation. The tool enhances efficiency and effectiveness when gathering insights compared to traditional ways such as interviews. The solution uses the concept of social media platforms and combines this with strict access management.

Smart Survey offers you the possibility to create your own and individualized surveys by offering  a wide variety of question types and decision trees. This enables a successful fact or structured information-gathering project.



Smart Tax Risks and Controls

A tax risk management and monitoring solution


The risk management tool offers a simple operational approach that helps you capture your tax opportunities, risks and risk mitigation plan. The clear visualization helps you to look at your risks in detail, to evaluate them and to get an overview of the risk history or the change in the risk profile over time. This further allows to use this data for reports to relevant stakeholders and to prioritize mitigation and resources in a hectic and complex tax world.

Your benefits with the Smart Tax Suite

Our modular solution offers essential functionalities for your tax function of the future.


Recording, tracking and evaluation of processes, tasks  (e.g. in the area of income tax, sales tax, risk management)  and responsibilities


Questionnaire-based tax information exchange with configurable question types, file attachments per question and distribution to the desired addressees (e.g. finance department, other departments, consultants etc.)


Central recording and tracking of tax opportunities, risks and controls by country and department


Status monitoring, e.g. by means of risk overview according to risk impact and probability of occurrence, risk progression, changes in the risk profile over time


Ease of use for power users and end users


Proven technology combined with tax expertise


Quick to deploy and populate


Client-managed, i.e. no dependency on provider once set-up

Securely hosted in the EU

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The Base Package includes the products Smart Collaboration and Smart Survey. The Smart Tax Risks and Controls module is available as an add-on to the Base Package. 

PwC Hosting, Maintenance and Licence
€ 25,000annual SaaS fee
  • Initial set-up and creation of the instance
  • Hosting (including managing of servers, infrastructure, updates & patches etc.)
  • Software Updates of the Smart Tax Suite
  • No limitation of the number of users
  • Efficient process and risk management
  • Comprehensive toolkit for your tax function
Add-On Smart Tax Risk and Controls: 7.500 EUR (annual SaaS-Fee)

Digitize your tax function

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