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German visa/immigration process and labor law digitized

Your challenge

Can a foreign employee be granted a Blue Card? What are the reporting requirements for EU Posted Workers? What are the minimum wage regulations? These kinds of questions recur frequently and processing them is labor and time intensive. In addition, these questions are more relevant than ever in the context of global mobility and the shortage of skilled workers. The need for information for future planning is increasing among both foreign employees as well as HR managers. As a result, efficient processes are needed to clarify issues relating to immigration and the employment of foreign workers or expats.

A thorough but quick answer to your questions - with our Legal Chatbot

Our PwC Immigration & Employment Assistant - a chatbot - provides you with automated and always up-to-date support for questions concerning the highly complex visa and immigration process in Germany. It breaks down subjects into small steps, making them easily accessible to users. In addition, the Immigration & Employment Assistant answers a wide range of German labor law questions in simple, understandable language and deals with topics related to EU Posted Workers. At all times, the user experience is priority number one. Our chatbot is accessible to users worldwide at any time and answers questions in real time.

The advantages of a chatbot are obvious: a virtual assistant is available 24 hours a day and can answer simple questions immediately, without the questioner having to wait for an e-mail or in a telephone loop. Especially when it comes to labor intensive processing of small-scale and recurring business, bots provide relief and help to increase efficiency.


Benefit from the comprehensive knowledge of our cloud-based software solution

More than 1520 Q&A
  • on German migration and labor law
  • VISA
  • General topics
More than 1100 EUPW Q&A
  • EU Posted Worker
  • 31 EUPW countries
2 assessments
  • Work permit (Blue Card)
  • EU reporting requirements for postings and business trips

The benefits of the Legal Chatbot


Innovative service available in realtime, 24/7 and worldwide


Contribution to the HR department's digitization strategy


User-friendly, intuitive and interactive user experience available on mobile devices


Provision of high quality expertise with easy to understand explanations




Relief of the HR team and accompanying increase in efficiency


Simplification of the visa process through embedded decision logic


Presentation of the reporting obligations under the EU Posting of Workers Directive (EUPW)


First mover advantage on the market for legal advice in Germany


Choose a pricing model that fits your needs. Please note that there is a one-time setup fee of 5,000 Euro.

Individual offer
upon request


  • a high number of users
  • companies, that we do not yet advise
  • customizing

Immigration and hiring of professionals made easy

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