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IFRS elearning Academy

Digital IFRS training

Are your employees right up to date?

For companies competing globally, knowledge is considered as a very valuable capital and a guarantor of success. However, many companies are facing the challenge of providing their employees with the right development opportunities.



Challenges of general employee training
  • Providing a comprehensive digital training offering
  • Finding efficient and economical options
  • Ensuring that knowledge is right up to date throughout the entire company 
Specific challenges of IFRS training
  • A high demand for basic but also specialized knowledge due to ongoing changes
  • IFRS standards are constantly being updated
  • Financial reporting is becoming more and more complex
  • Ensuring that knowledge is up to date, particularly in the area of financial functions


With the IFRS eLearning Academy you overcome challenges

Thanks to our comprehensive accounting expertise, which we have integrated into our training modules, your employee training becomes way more efficient. The modular design and regular updates ensure a consistent standard of knowledge for all employees.

The benefits

schoolObligatory training courses for employees

Including individual company certificates




Integrate company-specific case studies and guidelines if needed


starInnovative and flexible

Access to our standardized and user friendly modules at any time, anywhere.



Reduction of in-house training, no technical updates required, and minimization of roll out effort via cloud solution



Real-time reporting on training progress


Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Loitz

This training program represents PwC’s response to ever-more complex financial reporting requirements. The IFRS eLearning Academy offers more than just up-to-date expertise from IFRS practice. At the same time, the training can also be adapted to your individual requirements.

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Loitz, PwC, Head of Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory Services


With the IFRS eLearning Academy, PwC offers you a modular training including all relevant topics of international accounting. Since the academy is web-based, the modules can also be made available to employees in international subsidiaries.

from € 20 per module
  • Access to the training platform via a web link
  • No installation required on your systems
  • Administrative support by PwC
  • Automatic process for smaller updates
  • Billing by module and user

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