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HR Analyst

Reliable planning of personnel costs and downsizing in times of crisis

COVID-19: Get through the crisis with sustainable personnel planning

We are there for you in uncertain times. The HR Analyst helps with personnel planning in order for your company to navigate through the crisis in a sustainable way. Contact us for further information.

HR Analyst Dashboard

Fast and precise analysis of personnel costs

HR Analyst is a cloud-based solution for calculating personnel costs. The tool guides you safely through crisis situations. Taking into account the labor law and business management expertise of our consultants, HR Analyst offers you

  • monitoring of personnel costs with regard to countries, business units, departments or teams,
  • Assistance with transformation processes in the personnel sector by forecasting costs and the data-supported assistance of works council negotiations and social selection,
  • Sustainable crisis management planning through calculation of short-time allowance (Kurzarbeitergeld), top-up payments (Aufstockungsbeträge) and social security costs (optionally with subsequent automated application)

Get to know the HR Analyst

Modular design

Highly flexible and customizable

* Module only applicable for German employment relationships

assessmentMonitoring of personnel costs
cachedAssistance with transformation processes in the personnel sector*
peopleCalculation of the short-time allowance and top-up payments*
trending_upScenario forecasting
Dr. Nicole Elert

PwC's HR Analyst closes the gap between labour law topics and financial planning within your enterprise. The tool offers an innovative way of analysing both medium-sized and large enterprises, which stands out through its speed and precision.

Dr. Nicole Elert, certified lawyer for labour law, partner at PwC

Your benefits

remove_red_eyeFacilitated visualization

of employee data and personnel costs

gavelProfessional expertise

by experienced consultants in the context of labour law and economics

updateReal-time reporting

View results in real-time - 24/7

markunreadEfficient reporting

of all relevant information for your stakeholders

storageInteractive analysis

of the outcome possible at any time

view_moduleModular design

that can be customized individually

HR Analyst guides you safely through the transformation process in Germany

Thanks to the interdisciplinary know-how of the HR Analyst, we are able to show you possible paths at an early stage in any economic situation as well as accompanying and executing them through precise calculations.


HR Analyst - Light Version
upon request

For workforces with < 100 employees:

  • Reduced base price according to functionalities
  • Especially suited for smaller projects
  • Low configuration effort
  • Quickly available results

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