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GDPR e-learning

Efficient online training on data protection

Your challenge

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union obliges companies to sensitize and train employees in the handling of personal data. Individual on-site training of a large number of employees, however, is very time-consuming and inflexible in planning. It requires a lot of effort to determine and ensure participation and training success.

Our solution

PwC's GDPR e-learning offers an easy solution and is available either as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or in an on-premise version. It ensures that all employees in your company you want to have trained acquire the required level of data protection knowledge. This facilitates compliance with the GDPR and avoids possible fines.

The basic training is built on the principles of the GDPR and is designed to be interactive. Its content consists of the fundamental knowledge regarding the GDPR, including among others, its principles, personal data, legitimacy of data processing, engagement of service providers, transparency and rights of the data subjects. The basic training contains elements for keeping track of and testing the employee's level of knowledge and allows you to easily create a report on the employee's training participation for documentation purposes.

To ensure maximum flexibility, the training is also available via an application that can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, we offer individual customization of the basic training for your company and we can create individual trainings for different departments if required.

The benefits of our e-learning at a glance

view_quiltModular GDPR e-learning
view_carouselEngaging design
groupInteractive concept
question_answerQuizzes for learning success
chrome_reader_modeReporting on participants and progress
domainOptional: Branding on your company
devicesSaaS or on-premise
event_availablePwC-events on e-learning and support for the implementation


starting at € 1,000additionally
  • Branding on your company:
    starting at € 1,000 
  • Customization of the basic training (SaaS):
    starting at € 5,000 
  • Development of an individual training (i.e. for the HR or marketing department):
    starting at € 12,500 
upon requestadditionally
  • Integration of the content into your learning management system
  • Highest level of customization
  • Branding on your company

Strengthen the knowledge of the GDPR in your company

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