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eValuation Startup

Professional Startup Valuation

Your Startup Valuation. Digital. Intuitive. Flexible.

PwC eValuation Startup offers entrepreneurs and investors, as well as start-up consultants or service providers, the opportunity to have young growth companies professionally valued online. eValuation Startup determines the company’s value based on the combined use of the valuation methods outlined below. The results are individually weighted by the user to accommodate for specific perspectives on a startup’s value. This way the tool offers full PwC quality with a high maximum degree of flexibility at a price that fits in a  startup’s tight budget. 


What is your startup worth?

PwC eValuation Startup is the digital, intuitive and flexible start-up valuation. Providing detailed valuation results for the next pitch, investor meetings or the accounts department.
Irrespective of the foundation phase (from seed to series X), start-ups will obtain a realistic understanding of their value, based on a qualitative methodology.

Michael Hartke

As a young company with sales that are still low, it is not easy to come up with a valuation. It is fantastic that eValuation allows a valuation to be reached even without sales.

Michael Hartke, CEO Clarifydata


Four recognized valuation methods are used in order to ensure a sound company valuation irrespective of the business model or the level of maturity of the start-up.

euro_symbolDiscounted cash-flow method

With the discounted cash-flow method, the value of your company’s total capital is calculated as the total future free cash flow. After deducting the market value of the borrowed capital from the total capital value, you receive your equity’s market value.


bubble_chartScorecard method

As part of the scorecard method, your start-up is compared with peer groups based on various factors. Your start-up’s deviation from the average performance of comparable companies provides a basis for the valuation.

highlightVenture capital method

With the venture capital method, the value of your start-up is calculated from the revenues that can potentially be achieved in the event of a future sale. Exit revenues are calculated by using sector multipliers and by taking account of a yield for your investors.

insert_chartDCF terminal multiplier method

The multiplier method is used to calculate your start-up’s value by applying industry-specific EBITDA multipliers in the last planning year to your company’s corresponding earnings figures.

monetization_onCapital costs

In order to calculate the cash value of the planned free cash flows, as the capitalization interest rate we use the equity and borrowed capital costs weighted with the capital interests of the investors and lenders.

Obtain a start-up valuation in just a few steps

Valuation results (sample report)


eValuation Investor
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For investors and start-up sponsors we offer special framework agreements with direct access to the tool


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